American Caregiver ​ Association

The National Accrediting Body for Caregivers

The American Caregiver Association is the national certifying and accrediting organization for caregivers, assisted living managers and assisted living facilities.

As such, ACA oversees and maintains the Official National Caregiver Registry (NCR). Once you successfully complete any course with the ACA you are entered into the national registry. When a prospective employer contacts the ACA about your certification status we are able to verify your status as an active certified caregiver in good standing.  

The National Caregiver Registry is an internal registry. No external sources have access to your information without the ACA's authority. This means that we are are looking out for you, and protecting your personal information. 

If you have any question about the National Caregiver Registry please email us at acacaregiver@live.com,  or call us at 1-800-625-8108.  

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