American Caregiver ​ Association

The National Accrediting Body for Caregivers

The ACA was founded by experienced healthcare professionals that have worked in the caregiver field for more than 40 years.  The primary role of the ACA is that of an educator of caregivers (sometimes called personal care aides) and managers for assisted living facilities. The ACA supports local and national efforts for seniors regardless of whether they are in an assisted living facilities or in-home care situation. There is an ever- increasing need for caregivers, and employers expect their employees to have national caregiver certification through the American Caregiver Association, the most recognized name in the caregiver industry across the United States.

The American Caregiver Association is operated completely by volunteers and takes great pride in remaining steadfast and motivated through the strong leadership that our founders brought to the ACA in our collective effort to promote the well-being of our elders through compassion and education. As such, the ACA welcomes your comments and suggestions in helping us along this path.  Likewise, we wish you all the best in your endeavors, in career and in life.

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